About Me

Hi, I Am Melissa Jiggetts

My name is Melissa and there is one thing that I believe if you allow stress to take over your life you will never be able to achieve your best health.

As a wife and mother of four wonderful children (one who is grown and on his own), I know all too well how stress can keep you from taking care of everything you need to as a mother and and person period. Not to mention, I have been struggling with two health conditions whose leading enemy is stress.

As a young girl I was always pretty anxious, I mean I was an introvert and shy to begin with so you can say I was stressed from a young age. I was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of 13 and was home schooled up to my senior year. 

I went to college right after high school but the fact that I was home schooled most of my high school year made it hard to deal with the new environment and it was a very stressful experience. However, I was never keen on medications so I pushed through and graduated in 2005, in the mist of the marriage to my husband in 2002 and two added kids.

Nevertheless, all the stress on my body may have been causing underlying problems because my health was slowly deteriorating. 

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010 and dealing with the new meds and the new diagnosis plus having to still continue to manage my home was really difficult. It became stressful on me, my husband, and all my kids. 

I had to learn to manage my health, my home, and my stress, all at once. It took a lot of patience, reading, and faith. But my husband, my kids. and I are now stronger and closer because of it.

A few things I learned is:

Stress, when allowed to reach its full potential, can not only take over your health but it can take over your home as well. And overcoming it is much harder once you have let it gain full control.

An important thing I have learned is that it is much more effective to deal with stress by learning to deal with it in the first place. But this is not always possible.

So as a busy mother with so many different obstacles in your life, how do you effectively deal with stress?

There are many different ways to help with stress – from foods, to exercise, and vitamins. But learning to put together a plan that works best for you can often be almost as hectic as the situations in our lives that are already causing you stress. So how do you actually get relief from your stress?

My go-to stress reliever is my family. We are really close so whenever I like to relieve some stress I get in front of the television with my husband and/or my kids. We make time for each other and this time can be a distraction from the stress of the week.

Why Stress Free Mommy?

So why did I make this blog? 

Because I knew if I was going through stress as a mother with health issues and other difficulties, I knew other mother’s had to be dealing with it as well. 

I wanted to be able to take my knowledge of web design and do something to help other parents, by making a place moms can go to find different tips and ways to make being a mom less stressful. 

I also knew that a community is a great way to learn from the experience of other’s and another great way to relieve stress.

What works for me may not work for you so I wanted to make sure I put together different tips to fit different mother’s (and father’s) needs. Plus, I may learn something new from hearing others’ situations as well.

The power of sharing!

So from a busy (stressed) mother to all the stressed mothers (and fathers), I hope you will find some stress relief on my site.

And as always feel free to share a tip, comment, or ask a question.

What You Will Learn?

Here are a few tips you will find posted within my site: