Stress Relieving Household Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning is not for everyone. While some people may enjoy starting to get messy, others just fail to complete (or maybe even start!) Chores. But all is not lost. If cleaning is not exactly something you would call your own forte, there is still hope: even if you are really sorry about the idea of everyday housework, there are still plenty of ways to get yourself into doing it anyway.

Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is a little timing to run a full and blown wipe and once you get into the habit, you may just keep going. We know it can be stressful, so with that in mind, here are some strategies to force you to accidentally clean up and probably, hopefully, enjoy it. And while it may not make you a neat freak overnight, at least try to make an effort, albeit under false pretenses. It is a balance after all! 

Create visual reminders

Whether that means ordering dinner delivery or picking up a new bottle of nail polish, be sure to reward yourself every time you clean. Not only will you feel more satisfied after a cleaning session, you will have an incentive to continue with the good housework.

Task per day (keeps housework)

Start by completing one small task a day – dusting the ceiling fans, wiping the bathroom, clearing the fridge – and familiarizing yourself with the idea of daily cleaning without feeling overwhelmed. For example if you know your AC has been on the blink for a few days, prioritize it and call a 24 Hour AC Repair to help. 

Motivate yourself to continue to clean by preparing a new cleaning spray or cool accessory to revive things. Better yet, make your own unique version at home and get very excited about your daily erasure. It may seem like a brain-breaker but by putting your cleaning products in sight, you will probably remember to use them. Try moving your sprays under the kitchen sink to the top of your counter, and make an alliance so as not to lay them down until they are found.

Cleaning tips to help!

Stress can also arise when we see that the cleaning has not been done, so keep that in mind. Our home is our sanctuary after all. 

Leather sofas

In order to enjoy thorough cleaning, care must be taken to thoroughly vacuum and remove dirt from the sofa. Also for the purpose of cleaning upholstery this is a great way to clean. Using a vacuum cleaner, the suction must be performed and it is very important to ensure a gentle suction using soft brushes designed for this.

Baking soda can be used on things too

Using baking soda can best clean the sofa. By using baking soda you can lighten the sofa and restore the lost shine. The recommendation is to mix a quarter cup of salt with three quarters of a cup of water while adding two teaspoons of baking soda and also add a teaspoon of flour. Then immerse the cloth in the mixture and move gently on the sofa. When finished, take care to dry the sofa and remove all remnants of the material.

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