How to Childproof Your Garden

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If you have young kids, then you will already know that as soon as they know how to walk, they will be off discovering as much as they can. While this is a very funny and exciting time for both you and your baby, it can also be slightly nerve-wracking because you tend to realize that everything is a danger to your little one. What if they slip? Or fall? Or choke? These are all things that will be running through your mind – for good reason. But it’s also important that you don’t end up wrapping your child up in bubble wrap because you’re far too scared of something going wrong.

It’s not always necessarily about keeping them out of arm’s reach from any possible danger. It’s about guiding them in the right direction. Take your garden for example. There are many things that could be considered dangerous, but it’s how you go about it that will make a difference. 

Here’s how.

Protect the border      

It should always be your concern to protect your garden from the outside world, regardless of whether you have children or not. You should have fences built to ensure that nothing or no one can get in, as well as no little kiddies being able to get out. Once this is done, it’s always a good idea to add some fast growing hedges around that too, as this will almost be a second form of protection, while making your garden look more appealing by covering those metal or wooden posts. It will also be a softer landing if ever your child fell over.

Kiddy area

Assign a specific area in your garden that is for your child to play in. That way they won’t be as tempted to pick out your pretty flowers and greenery because they already have a section to play in that is way more fun. You can section off the area with some soft low wood, and even have the option of a sandpit, or a little bit of soil where they can plant their own seeds and look after the flowers that they manage to grow. It’s great to get your child involved in activities like this as they will take certain skills away that will help them in the future.

Lock it away

If you know you have sharp tools lying around that you use to manage your garden with, as well as any chemicals that you may have used to kill weeds or vanish the decking, it is so important that you move them way out of reach from your child, and make sure that they are in something that can be locked. While we know that they are dangerous, your child may want to investigate by themselves by putting it in their mouth, and this could essentially be life-threatening. So don’t ever take the risk. 
Now you know the basics you can stop worrying so much about the safety of your child, as it is only your garden after all.

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