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Importance of Stress Management: 3 Reasons to Not Let Stress Spiral

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We can all deal with stress at times, it’s a normal human response to help keep us safe. However, chronic stress isn’t normal, it’s not something anyone should have to deal with. Not only is it unpleasant but it can lead to a whole host of other issues. Here are some important reasons you should manage stress, and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

It can lead to mental and physical health issues

What starts of as feelings of stress can easily spiral into mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. These kinds of conditions really can rule a person’s life, they can make it much more difficult to get through your daily tasks.

Depression can be so bad it can make you not want to get out of bed in the morning, it can make you lose interest in things you previously enjoyed. Not good news when you’re a busy mother who simply needs to get things done to keep your family running smoothly.

Anxiety can manifest in many ways, you could develop OCD or a fear of going outside (agoraphobia). You could have intrusive thoughts which could prevent you going out and living your best life.

Some people will develop these conditions regardless, however they can manifest in others starting from feeling stressed and worn down. Stress can also cause physical issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, obesity and eating disorders, skin issues and much more. Stress puts a lot of strain on your body, physically and mentally. 

It can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms

As humans, we are pleasure seeking animals. We’re hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, which makes sense for the survival of our species but there can be snags. It can mean that we can find ways of increasing our pleasure and minimizing pain (current stress levels) by doing things that are unhealthy in the long run.

It could be excessive shopping, over exercising, over eating or gambling. It could mean we start drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs as a way to escape. It’s easy to stereotype addicts as being certain kinds of people, but addiction doesn’t discriminate.

It affects both genders, all ages and people from all walks of life, you can learn more here. When we’re feeling stressed, it’s important to find healthy coping mechanisms. Focus on self care, and know when to seek professional advice. 

It can affect our children

As parents, we truly want what’s best for our children. None of us are perfect, but there’s nothing more devastating than knowing we’re not living up to our best potential as a parent. Unfortunately, when you’re stressed, your focus is likely to be on your stress more than your children.

You might be irritable, snappy and short with them. You might not want to enjoy activities together and being stressed could cause you to miss out on a huge part of your kids childhoods where you generally feel absent or uneasy. If you can’t seek help for yourself, do it for them.

importance of stress management
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