How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

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When it comes to maintaining the health of our body, our feet tend to be relatively neglected. Very few of us tend to pay them attention at all. Perhaps this is because they’re generally hidden away in socks and shoes. However, it’s important that we give our feet just as much care and attention as any other body part. Believe it or not, they are extremely complex! Each foot is made up of a whole system of bones, ligaments, and muscles and each component plays an invaluable role in the way that we stand and walk (and can consequently have a massive impact on our ability to move about and get things done). It’s not until you’ve experienced forced time off your feet for recuperation and recovery that you really start to appreciate how significant a part they play in your everyday life. So, here are a few things that you can do to keep your feet healthy!

How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

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Why is Footcare important?

Most of us take our feet for granted even though most of our lives it spent using them. However, proper foot care can benefit you in more ways than just mobility. Poor foot health can interfere with your ability to work and engage in physical activity.

If you are diabetic, or have neuropathy (diabetic or idiopathic like myself) than you know it is important to care for your feet.

Taking care of your feet can prevent foot problems down the road and if you have some problems all ready, good hygiene will help you keep the problems in check.

Visit a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specializes in foot problems. They have plenty of knowledge on issues such as toenail problems, corns, calluses, bunions, verrucas, athlete’s foot, dry and cracked heels, flat feet, heel pain, and sports injuries.

When you visit, they will carry out a full examination. This will involve a diagnosis of any issues at hand, followed by advice regarding treatment and how to prevent any worsening of the condition or the return of the condition in the future.

If you visit complaining of bunions, for example, they will point you in the right direction for a bunion operation. So, if you’re experiencing any issues at all – from weakness to injury, deformity, or disease – check-in!

Have Regular Pedicures

Generally speaking, people tend to have pedicures to make their feet look good. The process removes any dry skin, removes overgrown cuticles, and trims, shapes, and polishes the toenails, leaving feet looking clean, smooth, soft, and presentable.

But did you know that pedicures come hand in hand with brilliant health benefits for your feet too? The removal of dead skin reduces your risks of developing bacteria that can make your feet smell, buffing keeps calluses at bay, trimming nails reduces your chances of developing ingrown toenails, and skin is often moisturized at the end.

The foot massage that is often incorporated into the pedicure also boosts circulation in your feet. So, try to book in at your local salon at least once a month for the full works!

Air Your Feet

Some of us have our feet tucked away in socks of some sort twenty-four seven. But try to air your feet on a daily basis, taking socks off before you go to sleep at night at least. This allows air to circulate around your feet, reducing sweating and overheating.

As you can see, taking proper care of your feet is a relatively simple process, so there’s no reason to neglect them for a single day longer! By following the steps above, you will be able to keep them in great condition.

Last Thing You Need to Know About How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

In the same way that your body and heart need care, your feet need to be looked after as well. We use our feet to get around and they bear the weight of our bodies. So neglecting them can lead to pain and unnecessary problems down the line.

However, attempting to self-treat foot problems can make a situation worse. So know when you need to see a doctor and be sure not to put the issue off. Allowing your doctor to treat even a minor problem can prevent a major one from happening.

By following these easy tips, you can help keep your feet nice and healthy, stay happy, and prevent painful issues.

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