3 Stress Management Tips for Adults

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Stress affects us all at some point. Often, we can cope with stress, but in some cases, it can get on top of us. If stress is taking over your life, it’s crucial to take action. There is help and support available, and there are steps you can take to try and manage and control triggers. In this guide, we’ll explore some self-help techniques and provide advice if you feel overwhelmed or you’re suffering from severe stress. 

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When to seek help for stress

Stress is part and parcel of life, but it has the power to spiral into something that we struggle to control. If you feel stressed out all the time, you’re always on edge, you never have a minute to yourself or you’re struggling to switch off or breathe deeply, it’s important to consider reaching out and asking for help.

You could choose to speak to a mental health professional or a therapist, you could meet with your boss to discuss work-related issues, you could confide in a friend or family member or you can take advantage of virtual forums or groups. Sometimes, talking can make you feel better instantly because it releases a valve and enables you to get things off your chest or try and express emotions.

It can also be extremely helpful to take some time out, especially if you have a hectic schedule or you feel like you’re spinning a hundred plates. If stress is affecting your wellbeing, your sleep quality, your mood, your performance at work, your relationships, or your physical health, it’s critical to understand that there is help out there. Seeking professional advice can lead to developing coping mechanisms, give you access to tools and strategies, and pave the way for more intensive or long-term therapy or treatment if required. 

Leaning on friends and family

Most of us will go through stages or periods in our lives when stress levels increase and we need a bit of extra support. If stress is taking over, don’t be afraid to make use of your support network and lean on friends and relatives. There’s no shame in asking for a favor from time to time or making a call to chat after a busy or frustrating day.

Even the simplest things like asking for an extra pair of hands if you’re moving house or seeing if somebody will take the kids to school if you have an early meeting will make all the difference. Spending time with people who make you happy can also have a positive impact on your mood and your wellbeing in general. Make time to socialize, have fun, and relax. 

Self-help strategies

Often, when stress is an issue, people find that self-help strategies can make them feel calmer and more relaxed. Different things work for different people, but you may wish to try meditation, breathing exercises, physical activity, spending time in the fresh air, creative activities and hobbies, and massage therapy. These can be used independently or in addition to treatments like talking therapy, for example. 

stress management tips for adults

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Most of us can cope with mild stress, but sometimes, stress starts to take over and it makes life very challenging. If you are struggling to deal with stress, always remember that there is help available.

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8 thoughts on “3 Stress Management Tips for Adults”

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right! It is important to know when are dealing with too much stress so you can make sure you manage it. Thanks for the comment!

  1. I really needed to read something like this at the moment. Sometimes, there are no other stress triggers apart from feeling overwhelmed or thinking about achieving something and I have not been successful so far. How would someone manage these?

    I liked your tips that you shared here. I always love reading your posts. They are not only for mommies but for all the adults in my opinion.


    1. I agree, sometimes the only sign we are stressed is the fact that we get overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed and feel like giving up because of the lack of my success, I like to surround my self with positivity. Inspiring quotes and positive friends and family can be a helpful way to inspire you when your motivation has run dry. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. “Spinning a hundred plates”. I can relate to that one some time ago. Indeed someone has to identify that thin line between self-help and external support. Physical manifestations like loss of appetite are a significant feature as well. I like what the psyche unit attends to. They help with LGBTQ issues!


    1. I think a lot of us can relate to the spinning a hundred plates. I take on too much sometimes and have to remind myself to slow down. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Lovely article on stress-busting for mommies. I think we need it the most, don’t we? What with the kids and home chores and the hubby to deal with. Such a handful.
    I love the way you write. It’s easy and flows well.

    1. I never want to sound biased, but I think mommies can often face a lot of stress by raising the kids, taking care of the home, and managing the relationships. It is not to say that dads don’t have stress too because we all do. So I agree mommies need these tips to help them with what they have to deal with as moms, however, stress is universal.

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