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Stress Relief with Crafts – 4 Benefits of Crafting

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Stress relief can be acquired in many different ways. Some of the easiest ways include exercise, changes in your diet, and yoga. But today we are going to talk about how you can get stress relief with crafts. I have mentioned in an earlier post that doing things that take your mind off of stress such as art, coloring books, or reading a book can be great for reducing stress but here is a list of some of the ways crafts can help reduce stress and some easy crafts you can use.

Benefits of Crafts


As most of you know, stress takes a toll on your mind. It plays a psychological rollercoaster on your emotions which makes it very hard to focus on any task at hand. And what is usually the easiest way to ease your mind when it comes to easing stress, why distraction of course! Distraction is a very valuable tool that is effective in steering you away from any uncomfortable emotions that may be causing you anxiety or stress.

Crafts can provide an escape, just like reading a book, which will allow you to forget about your worries for the time being. If you are angry it can also help suppress that anger. And it cost less than a therapy session.

Strengthens Confidence

Have you ever completed a goal and felt a sense of accomplishment? Well, whenever you complete some type of project such as a craft your confidence is boosted in this same way. The triumph over your accomplishment can not only boost your confidence but it can give you the motivation to try and tackle bigger and harder challenges.

Gives You Control

Anxiety and stress are said to be the emotional reaction to the things we have no control over. In fact, control is one of the number one things that bring stress on our health. Whether it is control over our bodies, our finances, our, household, or our relationships, we feel the need to control our destinies.

With crafts, you have exactly that – control. You have control over the project idea, the amount of money and time you spend, and how the project turns out. All of this control is not only empowering but it is the stress-free environment you need.

Social Engagement

Sometimes stress can be the result of isolation. The need to separate yourself from others can also add to your anxiety symptoms having a negative impact on how you feel. Some are not even aware of what they are doing to themselves.

Participating in crafts gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with others. Whether it is through a local art or sewing class or spending time with your friends and family, there are plenty of crafts that allow you time to get together with others.

Best Crafts for Stress Relief

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You don’t have to be someone who has experience in crafts or be able to sew a full outfit in order to benefit from the stress relief that crafting can provide. There are many different crafts for the beginner to the expert. Here are a few hobbies you can pick up and start getting some extra relief.


Coloring is an activity that we have been allowing our children to participate in forever. It is even used in school as a craft at the end of the day. However, adult coloring has become all the rage as a way to relieve stress. In fact, companies like Crayola has even jumped in by making their own line of adult coloring books and products.

There are many different books with different themes from mandalas to birds that will give you hours of distraction. The best thing about coloring is it doesn’t take you to be an expert to pick up a marker and enjoy this activity.


Cross stitching was first introduced to me in middle school and I took to it very quickly. The fact that I could create an image or a slogan that I could frame was very interesting to me. I was not good at knitting although my Grandma and my mom tried to show me it and I didn’t like it much but there was something serene about cross-stitching.

With cross-stitching, there is some skill required but the control you have over your project is very invigorating. Once you accomplish the work of art it makes you want to try harder stitches. The time you spend will provide you many hours of distraction.


Gardening is not only a great way to decrease your stress levels and improve your mood it is also great for your physical well being. Getting outside in a garden will allow you the time you need in the sun to get some vitamin D and gardening is a type of physical exercise that will help you to burn some calories.

It is one of the easiest forms of physical activity because you do not have any rules and you do not have to buy any special equipment. Studies have shown that being out in nature is a great way to naturally help you relieve stress because even the plants play their part.

It will also be the perfect environment to allow you to practice mindfulness and let you meditate. There are no distractions, just you and the elements.


Crocheting has been around for many years and has even been used for therapeutic reasons. Its benefits go beyond helping you out when you are stressed. It is said to help out those who are depressed, in pain(like arthritis or fibromyalgia suffers), suffering from insomnia, or anxious.

Though it requires a little more skill than gardening, once you pick it up it can be quite addictive. There are many different patterns to learn and many different things you can create from clothes to blankets and you can make some really amazing items.


Scrapbooking is nothing fresh to the scene. But one thing remains the same, there is nothing more distracting and relaxing than diving into hours of memories. Add scraps, glues, and stencils, and you have busy hands and a stress-free mind.

Scrapbooking is not only an easy craft but it is very effective because there is no right or wrong to it. You control this project and the final outcome of how it turns out. Not only that but it makes for a great gift giver.


Crafting is a great way to take your mind off of many things that cause you stress, such as your emotions. It is also a great way to turn the things you love into a way to make some extra cash.

However, everyone has their own uniques talents and skills so what works for me not work for you. So try out your favorite hobbies and see which one gives you the most relief.

Don’t have a hobby, then now would be a great time to learn one! Don’t you think?

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10 thoughts on “Stress Relief with Crafts – 4 Benefits of Crafting”

  1. I have tried it all and you are right! It helps with social and mental health! I attempt a garden every year. This year I was a bit more serious and things are actually growing. It’s great calm exercise and so fun for the kids. Great list!! I have seen free or cheap craft-y classes at my library and at Home Depot. Also for kids! Thanks for the encouraging article!

    1. Gardening is a wonderful tool for stress relief plus you get your own freshly grown healthy food and you get an excuse to be outdoors. It is a great exercise for you and your kids as well. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational post.

    I love crafting and it is definitely therapeutic. Even gardening can help with my stress. As a mom myself, I often feel stressed with my toddler. I mean, I love my baby so much but there are times when she can be so handful to handle. So, I create a small garden where I can find inspiration for writing and I feel great to be able to harvest some veggies that I know GMO-free and definitely healthy! 🙂

    1. Hi Ferra,
      It is true children are a joy to raise but there are times they can be a handful, I totally understand! You have a great technique though, gardening is perfect for relieving stress, and as you mentioned you get the added benefit of homegrown GMO-free veggies. Thanks for the comment and all the best!

  3. Hobbies are a great way of alleviating stress. Crafting being one of them. I grew up watching my mom taking care of the lawn herself, watering it and making sure that it looks great. This way she feels happy and full of energy. Although I’m not an artist I love singing and interacting with others, exchanging ideas about things that affect us,. Writing is one of the things I love doing as well.

    Thank you for sharing this article

    1. Yes, hobbies are a great way to relieve stress, and all though we all have our own special talents and skills, we can use what we enjoy doing as a way to de-stress. Singing and writing are two great ways to reduce stress. I love writing because it not only helps you to reduce stress but it can benefit you cognitively as well.

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